Laura Simms: The Robe of Love – Secret Instructions for the Heart

Acclaimed storyteller Laura Simms gives us a rich tapestry of tales that unveil the secrets of love in all of its forms. Passionate, riveting, and often humorous, these stories of emotional, physical, and spiritual love come from a variety of traditions, including Celtic, Inuit, Persian, Hindu, Jewish, and African.

Laura finds pearls of wisdom and insight carefully hidden within each story. She leads us to the many faces of love and its profound requirements through her evocative, telling commentaries and quotes interspersed with these tales of love and the mysteries of the heart.

"I mainly tell stories that I hear orally; ones that defy logic, grapple with the nature of spirituality, the attainment of wisdom, and how one can expand one’s heart to contain a greater compassion" ( Laura Simms).