Shambhala Sun May 2010

Taking the Dalai Lama Seriously

By Melvin McLeod
On the cover: His Holiness the Dalai Lama, photo by Abbie Trayler-Smith/Panos Pictures

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Heart of the Dalai Lama

For thirty-five years Pico Iyer has been a friend,observer, and student of the Dalai Lama. He reveals the simple human secret that makes His Holiness the most beloved spiritual fgure in the world.

Radar of Compassion

Pico Iyer on the Dalai Lama’s unerring ability to home in on those who most need his love.

Love Makes the Difference

The Dalai Lama draws lessons for all of us from his own experience dealing with difficult times.


The Dalai Lama
The Shambhala Sun is proud to share this special selection of pieces by and about this unique teacher and world leader. Now updated with His Holiness's 2010 appearance schedule.

Compassion in Action

The people of Tibet have taught us much about compassion and kindness. It's time to give back. Andrea Miller looks at three organizations working to support the Tibetan people.


Helping Tibet: An online resource guide
Links to organizations supporting Tibetans both inside Tibet and in exile, as compiled by Andrea Miller, as a complement to "Compassion in Action."

more may 2010 features

Dharma Punx

Buddhism is famed for its ability to adapt to new cultures. So it must be with new generations. David Swick reports from New York.


Noah Levine:
A three-part interview

The author and teacher behind the Dharma Punx movement on being a teacher, the outreach work that means so much to him, an "American Buddhism," and more.


Buddhism for a New Generation

Teachings from and profiles about Noah Levine, Ethan Nichtern, Sumi Loundon, and others who are leading the way.


What is the sound of the next generation of Buddhist Music?

Listen to three complete songs from the forthcoming CD, Dhamma Gita: Music of Young Practitioners Inspired by The Dhamma.  


Yuto, says author Leza Lowitz, is a healer of hearts; he’s Japanese, Jewish, universal. Here Lowitz shares the experience of letting this special child into her life.

The Science of Love

Barry Boyce reports on the growing number of scientists who are studying how to bring out the best in human nature.

the mindful society

The Law of Mindfulness

Traditional legal training focuses on overcoming external challenges. Now, an increasing number of lawyers are working on their inner challenges in an effort to improve their law practice, benefit clients and  colleagues, provide better training for other lawyers, and, ultimately, yield better justice.


The Mindful Society

Here you'll find some of the finest articles on mindfulness, from our extensive archives, plus Shambhala SunSpace exclusives, and more.

other voices

The Buddha on PBS: A Q&A with David Grubin

Melvin McLeod speaks to David Grubin, director of the 2010 documentary poised to introduce Buddhism and the Buddha to millions of Americans this April.


Shambhala Sun Audio: David Grubin

Listen in on the conversation between the director of "The Buddha" and the Sun's Melvin McLeod.


The Life of the Buddha

Further reading on concepts discussed in PBS's The Buddha, such as karma, The Four Noble Truths, miracles, and more.

Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche: "Time to Be Pragmatic"

Intention is what sets the direction of our life, and meditation is the way to hone it. But as Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche says, we need to be realistic about how high to set the bar for ourselves.

Rod Meade Sperry: "Buddhism in the Spin Zone"

Mix FOX News, Tiger Woods, Brit Hume, and the question of forgiveness and you get Buddhism’s blurry moment in the spin zone. Rod Meade Sperry on how to respond when the angry men of cable news attack.

Hannah Tennant-Moore: "Fundamental Faith: Lessons From Guantánamo"

A kind and caring prisoner at Guantánamo makes Hannah Tennant-Moore rethink her attitude toward fundamentalism. She thinks too of the people in her own life with extreme beliefs but loving hearts.


The Red Book, by C.G. Jung

Reviewed by John Tarrant, a Zen teacher and frequent Shambhala Sun contributor who happens to have a doctorate in Jungian psychology.

Books in Brief

Andrea Miller reviews Surviving the Dragon, by Arjia Rinpoche; Etty Hillesum: Essential Writings; Heaven and Earth Are Flowers, by Joan D. Stamm; Love Haiku: Japanese Poems of Love, Passion, and Remembrance; and Buddha on the Backstretch, by Arlynda Lee Boyer.

About a Poem: Ruth Ozeki on Taha Muhammad Ali’s “Revenge”

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