Life is Tough: Six Ways to Deal With It - The March 2013 Shambhala Sun magazine

Featuring Norman Fischer on six ancient Buddhist slogans that can help transform life's difficulties into awakening and benefit, tales of trauma and transformation from Buddhist practitioners, and a profile of three psychotherapists who combine Western psychology and Buddhism into a powerful path to love and fulfillment.

Plus: a survey of the world of Buddhist-inspired popular music, Rick Bass on friendship and eco-warriorship, and much more.

feature section: life is tough / here's how to deal with it

Life is Tough: Six Ways to Deal With It

An ancient set of Buddhist slogans offers us six powerful techniques to transform life’s difficulties into awakening and benefit. Zen teacher Norman Fischer guides us through them.

Mind Training for Today

Norman Fischer on why 52 sayings formulated almost a thousand years ago are more relevant than ever.

When Ego Meets Non-Ego

Andrea Miller talks to Tara Brach, John Welwood, and Barry Magid, three psychotherapists who are combining Western psychology and Buddhism into a powerful path to love and fulfillment.

Tales of Trauma and Transformation

Inspiring stories and helpful methods. Preview these via the links below.

Ruth Ozeki: Nothing is Wasted Josh Korda: Every Day a Reprieve Margaret Roach: The Gift of Connection John Tarrant: You Don't Have to Know

more features

Ruin, Beasties, & Constant Craving

Jazz, metal, rap, and beyond: Rod Meade Sperry reports on the intersection of Buddhism and popular music. Featuring Tina Turner, Yamantaka // Sonic Titan, Born I Music , and more fascinating dharma-music innovators.

The Best Place 

Rick Bass showed his friend Scott the best places, the secret places, of Montana’s remote Yaak Valley. Together, they fought to protect the wilderness and dreamed of a new Atlantis in the mountains.

Spirit and The Boy

Mother to one, sister to the other—award-winning novelist Karen Connelly on three interwoven lives and the call she will always accept.

The Supreme Thought 

The intention to benefit all sentient beings is the best of all thoughts, says Sakyong Mipham. Dedicating ourselves to others, we become bodhisattvas.

• Sakyong Mipham: His best from the Shambhala Sun

This Whole World is a Poem

This oriole, this friend, this daughter, this fox—Michael Sowder on all the poems that are just waiting for us to write them down.

The Most Valuable Cups in the World

Leanora McLellan’s grandma handed down many skills and four crazy cups that have no price.

What's Your Verdict?

Recognizing the judgments we all pass on ourselves, says Bonnie Friedman, is the first step to freedom.

Review: "Loving-Kindness for Your Body"

Diana Winston reviews May I Be Happy: A Memoir of Love, Yoga and Changing My Mind, by Cyndi Lee.

  Books in Brief

Andrea Miller reviews new books by Marc Lesser, Jeffrey K. Mann, Rachel Neumann, Zachiah Murray, and more.

About a Poem: Roger Housden on Ellen Bass' "If You Knew"

Shambhala Sun, March 2013, Volume Twenty One, Number 4. On the cover: Inset #1 by Frank Yang, #2 by Randy Beacham


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