The November 2012 Shambhala Sun magazine

Featuring Pema Chödrön on the compassionate life of the bodhisattva-warrior; three woman teachers changing Buddhism; Norman Fischer on how to live in our topsy-turvy world; three steps to creative power; a Jewish Buddhist in Germany, and more.
Also inside: "Jolly Good" — a never-before-published piece by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche on the Shambhala teachings.

this issue's editorial:
We Can Be Heroes

By Shambhala Sun Associate Editor Rod Meade Sperry

feature section: pema chödr
ön / "a greater happiness"

A Greater Happiness

We've all got the potential to awaken and help others in meaningful ways, big and small. Pema Chödrön shows us how we can let go of self-centered worries and become a bodhisattva-warrior. It's the greatest happiness of all.

You Can Do It!

Make your vow to help others real with this tonglen meditation teaching from Pema Chödrön.

Thank You, Pema

Best-selling author Margaret Wheatley on her friend and teacher.

Pema Chödrön

Enter... the Bodhisattva

David Loy says the bodhisattva ideal — updated for modern times — is what the world needs now.

more features

Feminine Principal

Andrea Miller profiles Trudy Goodman, Roshi Pat Enkyo O'Hara and Lama Palden Drolma, three women teachers who are changing the face of Buddhism. (You'll also find a teaching from each inside the magazine.)

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The Great Perfection of Creativity 

Geshe Tenzin Wangyal teaches us how to unleash powerful creative energy we can use anywhere from the office to the artist's studio.

Don't Go There 

As a Jew and a Briton, Henry Shukman had avoided all things German. But as a Buddhist, he knew he had to when he was asked to teach at a zendo in the Black Forest. Together, he and his students faced the unfaceable.


The Vagabond Queen of Craigslist 

Hopscotching through Brooklyn apartments, Bonnie Friedman discovers the delight in nonattachment.

PLUS: we continue our year-long celebration of the Shambhala Sun's founder, Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, with a series of never-before-published teachings. In this issue: Rinpoche on the Shambhala teachings.

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other voices


An ICU for the Soul 

When a friend is dealt a heavy emotional blow, Pico Iyer suggests to her that silence and stillness might be the best medicine. Sometimes, it seems, you've got to retreat before you can move forward.


Something to Believe In

While belief can be just dogma or preconception, it can also be a guiding polestar that gives us a sense of direction. Elizabeth Mattis-Namgyel on the power of belief to move us out of a small, self-focused world and into a bigger way of being.

Is This Worth It?

Sara Eckel discovers that volunteering isn't about getting back more than you give. It's just about giving.

Topsy-Turvy World

The strength of mind that comes from meditation, says Norman Fischer, can help us end the denial that keeps a world of problems spinning.


No-Self 2.0

Andrew Olendzki reviews The Self Illusion: How the Social Brain Creates Identity by Bruce Hood.

Books in Brief

Andrea Miller reviews books by Bhante Gunaratana, Thich Nhat Hanh, Lew Welch, and more.

About a Poem: Carole Glasser Langille on Czeslaw Milosz's "Love"


The Mindful Society: Dispatches from the Mindful Revolution, from the editors of MINDFUL.

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Shambhala Sun
, November 2012, Volume Twenty One, Number 2.

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ON THE COVER: Bhikshuni Pema Chödrön. Photo by Robin Holland.